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Timex Ironman Watches - The Ironman OVA (Optimal View Angle) Watch

Of all the Timex Triathlon Watches, the O.V.A. or "Optimal Viewing Angle" has heads turning...  or not turning. This innovative watch piece from Timex is worn "sideways" on your wrist so the time is in your view at all times.
Are you tired of twisting your wrist to view the time when on the run? If you don't mind things a little different, the Timex O.V.A. might be worth a look.

Of all the Timex Triathlon Watches, the O.V.A. or "Optimal Viewing Angle" is without doubt one of the stranger time pieces from Timex. The concept: a watch that is "sideways" on your wrist so that the face points towards your body rather than on top of the wrist. Resting on the narrow "side" of your wrist, there's no need to twist your wrist to view the time. The O.V.A. watch is permanently positioned in your eye-line.

Ok, so is this just a gimmick or does it actually offer an advantage to a normal watch?

As runners we have probably become so accustomed to tilting our wrists to view a watch that it's virtually second nature, yet athletes are saying that once you are accustomed to the angled timepiece, just glancing over to check the time can be a welcome change.

The Timex OVA Watch features also features an easy to access START/LAP button placed on top of the main watch display and all the usual Timex goodies including:

  • Flexible and breathable plastic band
  • 99-lap counter
  • 75-lap memory including best lap and average lap time
  • Chrono Training Log that stores workouts by date
  • Total run Format/Synchro timer
  • Two 24hr interval timers with Countdown/stop and Count-down/repeat
  • 2x Time zones
  • 3x Alarms
  • Built-in setting reminders
  • Water resistance to 100m
This watch is even better for cyclists who need to maintain an optimal balance at all times. The advantage of not having to take your arms away to view the time and risk losing control of the bike can not be under stated.

At around $50 on AmazonBusiness Management Articles, the Timex OVA Watch is an inexpensive and innovative sports watch with all the Timex Ironman features you would expect. It is up to you to decide if the turned heads and raised eyebrows are compensated for by the practical advantages this watch has to offer.

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Visit our website to learn much more about Timex Triathlon Ironman Watches and other leading brands. Check it out here. Best Sports Watches.

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