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Stainless Steel Art World (4) - Stainless Steel Jewelry

Author: Krista QQ(

Stainless steel jewelry has the added advantage of being a more rugged alloy than gold or silver as it is nearly indestructible. Stainless steel jewelry is naturally hypo-allergic. Stainless steel jewelry's rise to fame and popularity is not really surprising; primarily because of the price difference between stainless steel jewelry and a lot of the other jewelry types that are sold in dominant market share positions today.

There is no doubting in nowadays for owning a piece of stainless steel jewelry is just in fashion, and it does not seem to make any difference which part of the world it is, stainless steel jewelry has become a big hit in many countries, the pursuing for this trend is universal. Stainless steel jewelry is cheaper than gold jewelry and it is most definitely cheaper than silver jewelry, so what you are going to find ultimately is that the stainless steel jewelry has become so popular first and foremost because it presents a cheaper alternative to materials that are already set in the market such as gold and silver. More so than that however, what makes stainless steel jewelry the new silver is that it appears to have impacted society in the same way that silver jewelry did when it was originally introduced. It used to be that a piece of silver jewelry was gawked over the whole evening by friends and relatives, but now what people are finding is that their stainless steel jewelry pieces are starting to receive the same attention! For example, a relative might be so surprised that the jewelry piece is actually made of stainless steel that they need to examine it further. People have encountered this at parties when they wear stainless steel jewelry and the end result appears to be that having stainless steel jewelry is now a status symbol; just like silver has been all along. Stainless steel jewelry is the choice of everyone and from teenagers that wish to make a style statement to adults who need something special to look more appealing, there is much to be said in favor of jewelry and stainless steel jewelry is not an exception even though it does not use silver or diamonds or even gold in it. The advantage to using stainless steel jewelry is that it is not as expensive as the ones made from precious metals and thus its popularity has grown of late. Stainless steel jewelry allows you to make use of a very fundamental property of stainless steel and that is its versatility, which means that it suits different needs of different people who may want their jewelry to do for them different things. Thus, where diamond, gold and silver jewelry is only useful for looking showy and plated jewelry lacks in being an adornment that will look good and expensive, stainless steel jewelry is something that is useful under all conditions and thus has more utility and so will make for a very appropriate gift as well. Whether stainless steel jewelry replaces silver is definitely to be debated, but the indications is definitely that the replacement scenario is a strong possibility; something that would make stainless steel jewelry the new silver.

Once you have decided on owning stainless steel jewelry or want to gift it to someone you will immediately realize that this type of jewelry does not require much maintenance as is the case with the precious metal jewelry pieces which require frequent polishing, and there is also no question of smudging this particular form of jewelry. Now, once you realize the lack of maintenance needs and non-smudging qualities of stainless steel jewelry you can gift it to others sure that you are not burdening the recipient with something that will cause them inconvenience. Another reason why stainless steel jewelry makes for an ideal gift that can suit different occasions is that it is very good when it comes to wear and tear of the jewelry. When considering jewelry made from precious metals, there is always the lurking fear of over using the jewelry, which because stainless steel is an alloy and thus very durable is not the case with stainless steel jewelry. Thus, when you gift stainless steel jewelry you can be sure that the recipient can wear it whenever the desire arises and there is no worry with regard to ruining it either.

Mr. Peter Skubic is man who could hardly be ignored in the jewelry art history in Europe, he was acted as a special jewelry professor in the Cologne Institute of Technology. When traditional gold jewelry are still absolutely dominant in European in the 1960s and 1970s, he boldly got rid of the traditional restrictions, and use stainless steel, a kind of material that never been used in traditional jewelries, he used this material and displayed it as a main theme, as to reveal the special quality and colors of stainless steel, he want to reflect the material's aesthetic value instead of the material's itself value, thus to found a new visual angle of art jewelry. Skubic's works have simple styles, distinct masculine qualities emitted from their bodies naturally, it reflected a simplification process of the abstract aesthetics. Finally, the cost of stainless steel jewelry is such that you can afford it and since it does not cost as much as gold or silver, it means you can wear it at any time without needing to worry about the consequences and thus you get more pleasure from owning it. All that you need to do is change your mindset and get used to this novel kind of jewelry that is virtually indestructible and which is carefully made through carving of steel into any type of design, and which does not tarnish either thus making it. As a sort of future material, stainless steel's special cool qualities could not only give jewelries more style feelings, also could stand the test of time and ever young.

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I'd like to introduce and display an excellent selection of China fine art products and gifts - to you, also give you great suggestions about gift ideas and the latest fashion art trends in China.

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